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  • Words: a poem

    [WORDS]   echo          in                        silence        whisper     secrets    untold    dance              across                          the page             paint   emotions             vibrant   soar              like   birds ignite   imaginations   unleashed   bind   hearts   together    bridge                         […]

  • HumanAIty: The Synthetic Verses – New Chapbook Now Available!

    Available now: My latest chapbook of poetry will be published soon. This one is was a fun experiment blending personal creativity with the artificial intelligence (AI) language model Chat GPT (and yes, for my French-speaking friends, I did just tell the cat that I farted!). Why would someone publish a poetry chapbook of verse […]

  • Artistivism

    Artistivism: a poem by JJSK

  • Love

    Love: a concrete poem by JJSK

  • C.GPT_5-Haiku

    A Human-AI collaborative creation by JJSK and ChatGPT.

  • ‘Nuf Said

  • Remembering Rebecca

    It was two years ago today that my friend Rebecca passed away at the too-young age of 42 from agressive leukemia. The example of how she navigated her way through life was an inspiration; so much hard luck (why do some good people never seem to catch a break?), and yet she was always sweet, […]

  • Need a Proofeader or Copyeditor? Hire me through Reedsy!

    I’m often the one who friends and colleagues ask to proofread and edit their documents. As an English major, good grammar is important to me. I also have many many years of professional experience writing briefing notes, reports and various other documents. Aside from that, I’m also a voracious reader. One thing that always surprises […]

  • Dabke: a poem by JJSK

    Dabke Hand in hand shoulder to shoulder Winding line …

  • Enjoyable Summer with a Couple of Tough Moments

    Oh what a summer! Not exactly what I had planned…

  • She Danced: a poem by JJSK

    She Danced – for Joan. She told me once…

  • Carnivale: a poem by JJSK

    Carnivale – For Bernie. Winding …

  • Poem For My Father: You Are Always

    Happy father’s day! My Dad is that guy that anyone can call on for help with something. Especially if that help involves fixing or building something. He is a caring man that always looks after the people around him This poem is dedicated to him. You are always You are always up for a drink […]

  • Poem For My Mother: It’s OK If You Forget

    Happy mother’s day! This poem is dedicated to my mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple of years ago. Despite her shrinking faculties, she amazes me by staying postive and even occasionally joking about her situation. It’s ok if you forget It’s ok if you forget where you put it. It’s got to be […]

  • Temple Dancer: a poem by JJSK

    Temple Dancer Temple dancer carved in stone Posed here for a thousand years Do your legs ever get tired?