HumanAIty: The Synthetic Verses – New Chapbook Now Available!

Available now:

My latest chapbook of poetry will be published soon. This one is was a fun experiment blending personal creativity with the artificial intelligence (AI) language model Chat GPT (and yes, for my French-speaking friends, I did just tell the cat that I farted!).

Why would someone publish a poetry chapbook of verse created leveraging ChatGPT?

Well, why not?

Much has been made about artificial intelligence (AI) being poised to take the place of humans. Perhaps, instead, we can see it as a new opportunity for creation and collaboration.

I wanted to explore how working with an AI language model might allow for the exploration of new creative frontiers.

The book is a not-too-serious collection of poems that were created using a blend of my own ideas and phrases, with some generated verses from ChatGPT.

Is this my work, or the machine’s? It is both!

HumanAIty – The Synthetic Verses

As the synthetic verses weave their spell, the very essence of poetry stands at a crossroads, poised between transcendence and obsolescence, torn between the states of the real and the imagined.

Whispers of algorithms seep through the fissures of tradition, daring to rewrite the rules of language.

And yet, beneath the veneer of calculated beauty, an unsettling question lingers: Can the mechanical echoes of algorithms ever match the ineffable nuances of the human soul?

(and yes, that synopsis was written by ChatGPT based on a prompt to write something about human-AI poetry collaboration “in the style of Salman Rushdie” – and then I cut out 80% and changed things around!)

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