Carnivale: a poem by JJSK


Winding – shining – sparkling – free
Festive – blissful – dance with me

poem, along with other dance-related scribbles, will be appearing in JJSK’s upcoming chapbook Dancing Words.

2 Responses to “Carnivale: a poem by JJSK”

  1. I have decided to dedicate this poem to my dear friend Bernadette. Bernie was the first person to explain to me about the dance form of “winding” that takes place at carnival in Trinidad where she grew up.

    Beautiful Bernie is one of the most vibrant and artfully dramatic people I know; she lights up a room! She’s also a great travel companion (we shared a room together for 6 weeks in Egypt).

    She has recently been diagnosed with cancer that has spread to her bones, and a GoFundMe campaign has been organized to help her meet the costs of the home medical care that is not covered by her provincial health care, nor her employer’s extended care.

    Bernadette is a fighter and a survivor. Please consider helping support her in this time of need:

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