Remembering Rebecca

It was two years ago today that my friend Rebecca passed away at the too-young age of 42 from agressive leukemia.

The example of how she navigated her way through life was an inspiration; so much hard luck (why do some good people never seem to catch a break?), and yet she was always sweet, and caring, and her faith brought her a lot of comfort.

She will be missed by many many people for years and years to come.

While I was editing a haiku I had written for her, I finally decided that I needed a to capture a little bit more about her, so one haiku named simply “Rebecca” evolved into “Three Haiku for Rebecca”.

Three Haiku for Rebecca

She was full of life
A joy to all who knew her
Cancer didn’t care

She was full of love
And cared for all around her
Cancer didn’t care

She was full of faith
A healing touch for many
Cancer didn’t care

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