Enjoyable Summer with a Couple of Tough Moments

I had big plans for life to really return to normal this summer. I was looking forward to getting out more, riding the motorcycle, taking up trail bicycle riding, having some adventure, more reading, more poetry, and accomplishing great things at work.

Some of those plans did work out, and I had a few wonderful trips that took me from one coast of the country to the other. First off I had two separate visits to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then headed west to British Columbia (Vancouver Island and Quadra Island).

When I manage to get the TravelVariety.ca site up and running again, I’ll post some photos and stories of my summer travels there.

I managed to get around very well on both trips, considering that at the end of June my first big adventure of the summer, skydiving, resulted in a busted knee — more specifically a proximal fracture of the fibula, torn medial collatoral ligament (MCL), torn lateral collateral ligament (LCL), torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and sprained posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).

My PCL must be some kinda tough to only be sprained when everything else tore, LOL.

A couple of weeks in a wheelchair, a few more with a walker, and now I only use a brace and cane when I leave the house.

Bonus is, I got to learn a new word – zimmer. I also have a tip for anyone who has to wear one and finds it slips down all the time – get a set of cheap pants suspenders. They look silly attached to the brace, but they do the trick of keeping it in place.

My amazing sister-in-law came over for a week to help me get around, and we ended up cleaning out all my closets while she was here (yay!). Salvation Army got some great items, my niece inherited a full professional wardrobe, and I have two racks full of items waiting to be photographed to put up for sale on Poshmark.

So, no moto, no getting back into a fitness routine, no hiking or biking, but I did get in some travel, fiddled around with the upcoming poetry chapbook Dancing Words, and things at work are moving along nicely. Thanks to the working from home set-up, busting my knee didn’t stop me from keeping things rolling from afar.

Just when I thought the last of the summer highs and lows was coming to a close, last week I tested positive for Covid — two days after I got my 4th shot!

At first I thought I was having a horrible reaction to the shot, and took a test just so I could reassure folks in the office that I wasn’t contageous, but surprise, surprise.

I’m pretty sure it was the Sunday evening outing to the NAC to see RuPaul’s Werq the World tour that did it. Funny that I managed flights to Mexico earlier in the year, and to both ends of Canada this summer, but a local outing is what caught me.

So here I am, limping and coughing along, but still really can’t complain too much. Got to keep on keeping on.

I hope you had a great summer!

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