The Muted Muse Reviewed on Reedsy & Goodreads

I logged in to Twitter this morning to find my name tagged in a Reedsy review of The Muted Muse! My chapbook is now live on @ReedsyDiscovery

A slim poetry collection with graceful words – evocative, emotive, and engaging – and beautiful metaphors.

– Aneesha Shewani, Reedsy Reviewer

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Reedsy Review by Aneesha Shewani

After following a few breadcrumbs to learn about the reviewer, I also found the same review on Goodreads.

Goodreads Review by Aneesha Shwani

Thank you Aneesha Shewani, for the kind words about my scribbles! It is so exciting to learn if my blabbering makes sense to others.

Aneesha’s blog website Blue Pen Strokes, makes for some good reading. Her Facebook page, Blue Pen Strokes, is also worth a follow. Both contain some engaging content: reviews, poetry posts, writing prompts and other artistic goodies.

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