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I’ve recently discovered Reedsy (or rather, re-discovered, since it has been sitting in my bookmarks waiting for me to have a closer look), which is another reading-centred social site. It includes the expected features, such as adding and reviewing books you’ve read (just like Goodreads), but also had some other pretty cool features for aspiring writers.

You can use it to market and request reviews of your work by professional reviewers. They have some cool tools, like name generators, writing prompts, title generators, and they even have free typesetting and an ePub editor to make your work ready for publication as an eBook on Kobo, Kindle, or Nook, etc.!

You can also use it to connect with publishing professionals, editors, agents, designers, and even ghostwriters. There are also various writing contests you can enter, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Stop by and say hi on Reedsy!

Would you like to get paid to write book reviews? Check out this link here:

If you sign up for a free account using my referral links, we both may get credit to use towards Reedsy services. I’m not recommending because of the credit, though. I genuinely think it’s a really cool site.

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